Online German Courses

Online German Courses

Classes Anywhere, Anytime!

The time for traditional education has gone. This is the time when digitalization has reached all the nook and corners of the world and so is with the education sector. Now, if you can’t manage time for classroom training from your hectic life schedule, you don’t need to bother about that. Online consultation and training will help you to get the learning you want at your comfort and convenience. In this era of newer technologies and the internet, anyone can opt for any course without being present physically. Utilising these new generation features, Star German Classes has entered this transformed world and provides top-notch classes to make you a proficient German speaking person.

Online Live German Language Classes at Star German Classes

What do you think about the online classes? Will it be hectic or not as influential as the offline classes, whether it would be expensive or inexpensive as compared to the offline classes; Whatever you think, Star German Classes will surely give you an experience of online classes beyond your expectations. Let’s help you to know how our online German Classes will facilitate you to fulfil your dream!


Flexibility is one of the foremost benefits that everyone expects while opting for any online class and here at Star German Classes, you can enjoy it to the fullest. The students can choose the classes as per their pace and manage their time to get the classes with comfort. Also, our flexible class schedule helps to maintain the balance between work and studies and this is how we help all our students to learn this trending language without giving up on anything. Nevertheless, with our online classes, the students can also grasp the time management skills that will always be beneficial in the real world.

Tailored Programs

At Star German Classes, you can choose from a wide variety of programs that perfectly suit your requirement. We have tailored programs that are designed based on the different requirements of the students urging for the Online German Classes.


Another prominent feature the students can enjoy with Star German Classes is easy accessibility. Whether it is study materials, communicating with the teaches to clear doubts, or anything else, you can get all the accessibilities from any part of the world.

Online German Classes at Star German Classes hold the best benefits

Star German Classes have 17+ years of experience and throughout these years, we have honed our potential to provide the best German classes as per the market standard and the particular requirements of the people. We have spread the reachability in 40+ countries and have provided classes to more than 10000 students across the globe to help them make a successful career.

Expertise: All the teachers with us have immense experience and expertise in the field which always helps to enhance the learning of our students.

Star German Classes support team

We offer a dedicated team that supports students to resolve their queries and concerns. The students can reach the team at any time between 8 AM – 12AM throughout the year.

Whatsapp group

We also have a Whatsapp group to ensure students can get regular updates while maintaining perfect confidentiality.

Specialized sessions

Students at Star German Classes will have special classes online that will help them to enhance their speaking classes.


We have a virtual team that will dedicatedly conduct the special examinations to let the students enrol to the online German Classes and help the students to give stress-free examinations.


At Star German Classes, we offer flexible timings so that anyone can opt for any slots for the classes as per their convenience and thereby get the training without any stress.

Result-oriented classes

We assure 99.9% results for the students with our specialized classes compliant with grammar notes, speaking tests and many other modules in different levels of our course and thereby make you a valuable resource to the organization.