Offline Courses

Offline Courses

The world is witnessing the constant evolution of workplaces. In this transforming culture, navigating the changes and improving the skills and intellects are the primary weapons to become successful in the career. Thus, you must consider yourself a constant learner to have a better future endeavours. And, learning German is one such forward button that can help you grow your career in today’s hybrid work culture.

The work culture in today’s world is quite different from that of yesterday and it won’t be similar in tomorrow’s culture as well. Nowadays, having the relevant work skills and expertise only cannot suffice you to get your dream job. You need to have something extra; something out of the box. If you are open to constant learning and if you are ready to opt new skills, you will be more qualified to get your dream job spontaneously.

Earlier, people used to get a job and stay in the same job for the rest of their lives.They find it more about security to their lives and their families. Over the period, as the work culture evolved, people used to hunt for better jobs not for the sake of security but for the better profiles. Now, after the 2017, it has more become finding the dream job that can fulfill the passion of a person. Now, people aren’t bound to be at one place, even if they don’t like the job or the employer. However, the same is the case with the employers or recruiters as well.

For every single post, you are competing with thousands of job seekers and it is not easy at all to get the recruitment nowadays.

On-Campus studies with Star German Classes

If you attend our offline German Classes, you will get full access to all the facilities that will make you proficient in German Language. We ensure students get full in-person support, tutoring, clubs, organizations, and everything else required. Furthermore, if you will be available on campus, you will be able to gel up with other students to improve your communication skills in German Language. Also, you can clear your doubts with the trainers in real-time that will additionally benefit your learnings.

The on campus classes help students to connect themselves in the local culture that helps to grasp any dialect more effectively. Thus, our students can enjoy living with their friends as paying guests, residence halls as well as in apartments and make more friends to stay connected. We also offer immense facilities to improve the transparency between the students and institution professionals.

The Star Teachers: The backbone of Star German Classes

Our experienced teaches and faculties made our German Classes to stay different from other institutions

Out-of-the box class modules

Our on campus classes are well-equipped with projectors, smart boards, audio devices, video testimonials, and many other advanced modules to get the students the best learning experiences. Understanding the students’ convenience and comfort, the classrooms are equipped with modern amenities such as big seminar halls, fully air-conditioned environments, etc.

Assured results

Star German Classes ensure 99.99% guaranteed results which are measured with the fluency and grasp of the German Language to make the future goals real. Students can opt for the examinations to check their skills as well.

Life-time course validity

One of the strongest features that you can only have with Star German Classes is the lifetime validity of the course. Once you opt for our German classes, you can seek the help of our experts’ opinions for motivation, develop interests, set future goals, and everything else at any point in time without any limitation.

Audio Visual setup

Our classes become more entertaining that students can easily recall and grasp the essence with our specialised audio-visual setup.

Individual attention

At Star German Classes, each student will get attention and care from the trainers without any discrimination or distraction.

Specialized exam preparatory classes

You can also opt for the classes based on your ultimate goal. For example, we offer specialised classes to prepare you for the exams for Visa to any German speaking region or to upgrade your existing position in the organisation.

Mock exams

Students have to undergo the mock exams conducted by the Star German Classes that will help them to understand their level of learning grasped from the classes. 


At Star German Classes, you can attend seminars at a regular interval with our alumni and enjoy the greatest sharing point with the sessions.

Tailored courses

One of the distinct features of our German Classes is that you will get tailored classes based on your needs and guidelines of the concerned institution or organisation.

Face-to-face Counselling

The best part of attending offline German Classes is the face-to-face counselling that will help you resolve your queries and doubts effectively with the expert trainers.

Examination Facilities

With Star German Classes, the students will get complete assistance to apply for and secure your slots for different examinations such as A1, B2 level classes, Aufamhe, etc. offered by us.

Tailored grammar notes

Get the grammar notes compiled with special industry-centric values in all our courses ranging from A1 to C2.