It is not just learning a language but making relationships. Come to us and we will help you in all
respects to get your career at the peak of success.

From learning to a successful career

Are you seeing yourself in a successful position either in Germany or in any overseas company
serving Germany? Then Star German Classes can be the right choice for you!

If you aspire to go to Germany, it is essential to have basic German knowledge as wherever you will
go there, you will find the need. Whether it is official documents, place names, signboards or anything
else, everything will be in the local language which is German and without the basic understanding of
German language, it would be very frustrating for you in the country.

We help with our superficient team of advisors who are experienced German language professionals
not only to let the students learn the language proficiently but also to get the growing career in
Germany. You can get our assistance for Visa appointment, profile evaluation, documentation
process, education loans, remittance, admissions or anything else needed to enter or live in Germany.


We offer some add-on services that the students can enjoy while enrolled to our offline or online
German classes. They are!

  • Free German counseling
  • Free assistance for Visa appointment
  • Free assistance for remittance and blocked accounts
  • Free assistance for documentation
  • Free assistance for education loan, travel and health insurance.

Profile evaluation

At Star German Classes, you will get deep and thorough evaluation for your profile and thereby help
you choose the best program suitable to your profile. This will, in turn, help you get preliminary
understanding of the possibilities of getting admissions.

Profile evaluation is a customary question that occurs amongst all the discussion groups that are
related to the job prospects in Germany or any German-based institution or organisation. It is quite
usual to get curious to unearth the possibilities of getting admission. Thus we help to curtail the
anxiousness with our thorough profile evaluation.

The key analysis factors are;
School (X & XIIth) grades
Graduation score

Letter of Recommendation (LORs)
Curriculum vitae
Internships, workshop and other activities
Professional experience
Statement of Purpose (SOP)
German language (B2 or above)

We conduct a brief analysis for each of the above criteria and thereby try to help our students to get a
detailed and thorough evaluation process.