Ausbildung Or Vocationl Training in Germany

Ausbildung Or Vocationl Training in Germany

 The most popular study abroad destination for students is Germany. Thousands of students visit Germany each year in search of employment and educational possibilities. Germany provides excellent vocational training as part of its top- notch educational programme. These days, students in Germany are getting quite interested in the topic of Ausbildung. These days, the government actively promotes these developments, which facilitates the admission of overseas students.

The word “Ausbildung” is a German word. In English we call it ‘Apprenticeship or Vocational Training for everybody to undertand. Being a vocation-based education system, its main goal is to prepare you for a certain career or job.

Training in ausbildung emphasises both the theoretical and practical aspects of a profession.

This kind of vocational training is recognised internationally and is regarded as a distinctive aspect of the German educational system due to its integration of theory and practice. More than 300 approved apprenticeship programmes are available in Germany for after-school learning.

You have a wide range of job options after completing your Ausbildung course.

Learning German Language is Mandatory for Ausbildung

One of the most crucial things you can do to get ready for life in Germany is to learn German. In order to be considered for admission to a German-language degree programme in Germany, you must demonstrate that you possess the language proficiency demanded by the higher education establishment. In most cases, potential trainees must also speak German fluently enough to begin their training in Germany. Ausbildung / Vocational Training is taught in German language only so learning German language is compulsory for this Ausbidlung course in Germany.

Course Duration of Ausbildung / Vocational Training

This Ausbildung course is precisely a total of 3 years programme.

Ausbildung Admission Requirements in Germany

  • 12th class pass with any subjects
  • B1 / B2 German language Certificate from Goethe Institute or TELC or OSD
  • Bachelor Degree students can also apply
  • Master Degree holder are also eligible

High-in-Demand Ausbildung Courses in Germany

  1. Nursing
  2. Mechatronics 3, IT / Computer
  3. Hotel & Restaurant 5, Cook / Chef
  4. Gastronomy

Five (5) Reasons for Doing Ausbildung / Vocational Training in Germany

1, You Learn and Earn both in Ausbildung / Vocational Training

In Germany, you will begin making money the moment you enrol in a Ausbildung / vocational training programme. You will be paid money for the work you do as part of your course. You will earn from 800-1300 euros stipend per month depending upon your choice of Ausbildung course in Germany. While Doing your Aubsildung course in Germany, you might envision that you will both learn and earn in Germany. Herein lies Germany’s wonderful gift to the world—young, hardworking people.

2, There is a great demand for young talent

Your prospects of being accepted into a Ausbildung / vocational training programme are very good because employers in every industry are actively seeking young and fresher trainees. You might be confused what to do in your life if you don’t have money but now don’t waste your time and youth because Germany needs you, your time and your talent.

3, Twofold enjoyment — combining theory and Practical work experience

In Germany, there is great diversity in Ausbildung / vocational training. It begins with a combination of theory and practice. While you attend vocational school one or two days a week, or for several weeks at a period, you will receive on-the-job training in a company and learn about the theoretical concepts that underpin your profession. With this dual method that combines theory and practice, you’ll get off to the best possible start at work.

4, Lucrative Career Prospects

Ausbildung / Vocational Training guarantees you a lucrative future. On the German job market, professionals with a vocational qualification are highly sought after. Candidates with a vocational qualification are in some cases even more in demand than those with a university degree. Take up a profession in Germany! We are eager to review your application. Who knows, perhaps you’ll open your own company and hire trainees yourself.

5, Permanent Job Offer is a Guarantee

Getting Ausbildung / vocational training could be your key to a job in Germany. After finishing vocational training, almost two thirds of all trainees secure a permanent position with their respective companies. After completing your programme, you will be well-qualified for your job and make a good living. You will also gain from having familiarity with your company’s processes and coworkers.

Benefits or Advantage :

  1. Tuition Fee is Zero
  2. Students earn 800-1200 Euros Stipend every month 3, No Requirement of IELTS and TOEFL
  3. Part-Time Job can do to earn extra money
  4. 100% Job Placement after Completion of Course
  5. You earn Salary 2500-3000 Euros per month during Full Time Job after completion of Course
  6. You get Schengen Visa to travel all 27 Schengen countries FREE
  7. Germany Permanent Residence (PR) is Possible in 2 Years after Completion of Course
  8. Germany Citizenship is possible Faster after Completion of your Course 10, With Germany Passport, You travel to 190 Countries without Visa
  9. Bring Your Spouse and Kid to Germany after Completion of your Course

How Can German Language classes Help You ?

  • We teach you German language both online and offline
  • Help you in preparing your all necessary documents
  • Assistance for your registration process in Germany
  • Visa interview arrangement with the German employer
  • Job contract assistance
  • Complete visa process guidance
  • Arranging accommodation for your smooth stay in Germany
  • Guidance for bringing your family to Germany