Nursing Jobs for Indian Nurses in Germany

Nursing Jobs for Indian Nurses in Germany

There is a severe nursing shortage in Germany, as a result of the more old age population and rising rates of maternal death. Germany is one such nation where there is a yearly rise in the need for nursing positions. Every year, the range of nursing positions available in Germany to Indian nurses increases. The German government has been attempting to address this problem by planning awareness campaigns and informing potential candidates about the opportunities that are out there.

Learning German Language is Paramount

The ability to communicate in German is crucial if you want to work in the medical field in Germany, such as a nurse. Communicating with various people is a major part of a nurse’s job. As such, gaining language skills is crucial for those working as nurses in Germany. It is necessary to speak either level B1 or B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), depending on which federal state you want to work in. therefore, we always advise nurses to start learning German language as soon as possible to move to Germany.

High Demand of Nurses in Germany

Hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities are constantly searching for qualified nurses with a range of experience to satisfy the growing demand in the healthcare and nursing professions. It is anticipated that this need will rise in the upcoming years. Would you be interested in joining the German healthcare system? Learn how to get started on a career in healthcare that will last into the future right now!

Work in the Nursing Field

In your role as a nurse, you will provide individuals with care and assistance at every stage of their lives, encompassing the following areas of responsibility:

  • Patient care
  • Geriatric nursing (care of the elderly)
  • Paediatric nursing (caring for children)

Nurse Job Requirements in Germany

  • GNM Diploma / BSc Nursing / Post Bsc Nursing / Msc Nursing
  • B1 / B2 German language Certificate from Goethe Institute or TELC or OSD
  • 6 Months minimum work experience


1. Hiring Foreign Nurses

As we already know, Germany has a huge demand for nurses. In order to meet all needs, the nation actively welcomes foreigners from all over the world. Germany welcomes Nurses many workers from Asian countries including INDIA country.

2. Nurse Earns High Salary

And of course, don’t forget about the high salary in Germany! Germany is one of the best places to work as a nurse because Nurses gets very huge salary as compared to other countries in the world. The salary range depends on the region, experience, qualifications, and working time (night shifts are paid better). But overall, the job paid well and grows with years of experience and expertise.

3. 100% Job Guarantee

There are currently more elderly persons in Germany than young adults due to the country’s ageing population. Future demand for nurses and senior carers is expected to rise quickly. They agree that Germany will have to hire an increasing number of foreign workers and provide them with unfair advantages and benefits at work.

4. 100% Job Growth

Compared to other occupations combined, the growth of the health professions is substantially quicker. The ageing population, the growing emphasis on preventative care, and the rising prevalence of chronic illnesses like diabetes and obesity are some of the factors contributing to the expansion in the employment market.

5. High Quality of Nursing Education Opportunities

Nursing is a profession that is well-known in Germany for its credentials. If you’re already employed in the nursing field and would like to expand your role, change specialisation, or be given more responsibility, you have access to a vast array of additional training options.

You can obtain a qualification in more than 200 nursing disciplines. This will attest to your expertise in that specific sector. It typically helps earn a greater wage and enhances the demand for your services. In most fields, you can find a specialisation that piques your interest.

6. Flexibility in job, life, and family

Nurses work extremely flexible and adaptive shift schedules. As a result, individuals have particular activities they can engage in throughout the week or in the mornings when others are at work. What a wonderful life it is to be able to bypass the regular Monday morning crowds of stressed-out businesspeople and go to the gym, shop for groceries, or complete paperwork. Or perhaps plan a three-day trip to France with your special someone? Being a nurse allows one to see the world from different angles and breaks free from the typical workday pattern that other jobs follow. In terms of geography, nursing is likewise a relatively flexible profession: Possessing nursing abilities enables you to relocate anywhere in Germany and get employment in a town or city because hospitals

7. Bring Spouse, Kids and Family

Germany allows nurses to bring their families to Germany and live together with family for a happy and peaceful life. Spouse is also legally allowed to work full time in Germany and earn a handsome salary. On the other hand, kid is entitled to avail free education in Germany and obtain world class education

8. Permanent Residency (PR)

Nurses are always given preference for awarding German PR as fast as possible. Nurses save people’s lives so they are needed more than anybody in the world. Germany understands the importance of nurses and ensures that nurses are retained in Germany at any cost. Giving PR to nurses is the prime goal of Germany.

9. Citizenship

Germany offers easy and faster citizenship to Nurses. It’s easy to become a German citizen after living and working in Germany for certain period of time. Nurses get full rights as similar to what German citizens get in Germany.

10 Maternity / Parental Leave

A working mother may take parental leave of absence for up to three years per kid. No part of the employment relationship is terminated by the employer while the employee is pregnant or for four months following childbirth.

How Can German Language classes Help You ?

  • We teach you German language both online and offline
  • Help you in preparing your all necessary documents
  • Assistance for your nursing registration process in Germany
  • Guidance for Recognition of your degree or diploma
  • Visa interview arrangement with the German employer
  • Nursing job contract assistance
  • Complete visa process guidance
  • Arranging accommodation for your smooth stay in Germany
  • Guidance for bringing your family to Germany