Learn French Online

The French language has the green card for all the people who aspire to reach the peak of success whether in French-speaking countries or elsewhere. This is because everywhere the demand for the French language has been flourishing for a long time. So, if you want to get an all-round learning of the French Language, get yourself enrolled with us today!

Whether you just want to start a new experience or already you are an experienced professional, we offer tailored French language courses that will suit your requirements perfectly.

We offer a wide range of French Language courses designed to fit your needs both online and offline. By utilizing the course modules of expert leaders from top-notch educational hubs and industries, our French Language classes are offered to help everyone— ranging from individual learners looking for personal growth to corporate professionals seeking to upskill. If you want to gain skill acquisition, pursue professional advancement, or even want to grab a new career path, our French Language courses can be a valuable resource for any of your requirements.

Online French classes

Online classes are always a great solution, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to enhancing the knowledge alongside the professional workload, online classes become an icing on the cake. Learn French language the best way you want and grab the best benefits for you and will give you all the wisdom to seek a new career path with the French language.

We are an Indian Institute of Foreign Languages that has been offering French language training for a decade. In this world with flourishing digitalization, the demand for online classes is in surge. Whether it is for enhancing skills or anything else, online education is getting the greatest importance ever. Out of the myriad of subjects available worldwide, online French classes have gained extraordinary popularity in the past few years. This popularity has occurred undoubtedly due to the easy accessibility, flexibility, and transparency between the trainers and the language enthusiasts.

Let’s delve into the world of online French language classes with Star German Classes!

Merits of Online French Classes with us

If you opt for Star German Classes, one of the top-notch French Institute, to satisfy your French language enthusiasm, you can benefit with numerous benefits such as,

Easy class scheduling

If you think it could be full of difficult to enroll in our classes, then you must know that we have given you the advantage of flexible scheduling options. You can choose the classes according to your convenience and your daily routine. You don’t need to compromise your lifestyle for the sake of traditional classroom schedules anymore.

Native-speaking instructors

Although all our instructors are well-delved into the French language and know all the hurdles of the language, you can get them in your native-speaking language as well. This helps the students to get assistance for all the questions and concerns aroused in the process of learning and also, in enhancing the cultural understanding.

Availability of learning resources

Nonetheless, you will get all the training and learning resources easily at hand while being with us. We offer diverse learning resources that you can take reference of whenever and wherever you want. This makes learning more effective and engaging at the same time.

Interactive learning platforms

All the platforms we utilize help to foster a dynamic learning environment. Whether it is the live learning sessions, virtual classrooms, discussion forums, or anything else, we give all the possible opportunities to our students for real-time learning.

The different levels of learning

Our Online French Class is catered to different learning levels as emphasized by CEFT(Common European Framework of References). Primarily they are divided into 6 different segments ranging from Beginner A1 to C2 expert level.

French A1 Level:


1 . Why Learn the French Language?

The French Language is gaining its importance and popularity across the globe. This is either because of the increasing partnership between countries and French-speaking regions, or the increasing benefits of studentships in France. So, if you learn the French language, you can achieve the goal of success whether in your service sector attaining French clients or getting an easy entry to France.

2. What is the fee structure of online French Classes?

We offer different fee structures based on the duration of classes. As we provide different levels of online and offline French classes, accordingly, we have given the opportunity to all the language enthusiasts to get it as pocket-friendly as they want it to be. Thus, you don’t need to bother about opting for the classes for the sake of fee structure.

3. Can I get 100% results?

Yes, we assure you that get 100% results to fulfill your expectations with our French language classes offered by expert instructors. With complete study material, native-speaking instructors, easy accessibility of everything to enhance learning, and much more, you will get 100% satisfaction and results with Star German Classes.

4. How can I opt for the online classes?

If you want to opt for our online French classes, all you need to do is go to our official page, click to sign up, enter your details, and submit your form. Our expert will reach out to you for further details of the classes and once you make your decision, you can complete the payment and you will be enrolled for the classes. You will be notified of the enrolment and you can choose your class slots according to your convenience. This is actually so easy and time-saving that you never need to bother about enrolling for our online French classes.

5. Who is eligible to get French Classes online?

Anyone of any age group, profession, or with any aspiration can opt for our classes. Based on your future ideas or plans, we can offer you the most suitable class. For example, if you want to opt for a Visa to get entry to France, we not only help you to learn the French language but also assist you to the fullest in all the concerning procedures to make it easier for you. So, do not wait anymore and learn the most demanding language today only with us!